Maintenance Service / No UAC prompts landed on Daily builds

Siddharth Agarwal sagarwal at
Thu Aug 23 15:12:29 UTC 2012

On 23-08-2012 20:41, Ehsan Akhgari wrote:
> On 12-08-23 5:17 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
>> Tomorrow, I plan to be enabling background updates. These will be
>> available to all platforms, and mean that when updating Thunderbird will
>> download the update, apply the update to a copy of the app directory,
>> and on restart move that copy into place, thus avoiding the delay of
>> installation during the restart.
> Is there a bug number for this?  I think this should only entail 
> setting the app.update.stage.enabled pref to true, but I'd really like 
> to know if you need to do more for this.

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