Maintenance Service / No UAC prompts landed on Daily builds

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu Aug 23 09:17:02 UTC 2012

Hi All,

 From today's Daily builds, we will be enabling the maintenance service 
that Firefox has. This is the background service that is used to avoid 
the UAC prompt on Windows*. We have in place the same structure as 
Firefox, and the majority of the code is directly re-used.

We've tested this the best we can, and we don't expect any issues with 
updates. However, I will be triggering an additional set of Windows 
nightly builds a few hours after the normal builds to confirm the 
updates are working correctly.

If you do see any issues, please file them in the "Installer" component 
under "Thunderbird", and we'll triage them to toolkit if necessary.

Tomorrow, I plan to be enabling background updates. These will be 
available to all platforms, and mean that when updating Thunderbird will 
download the update, apply the update to a copy of the app directory, 
and on restart move that copy into place, thus avoiding the delay of 
installation during the restart.

Assuming all goes well, these will be released in TB 17 at the latest, 
but we may consider pushing one or both of them forward to TB 16 - we 
need to see how reports go over the weekend.

Note that in both of these changes, you won't see the effect of the 
change until you upgrade to the nightly after receiving the first 
nightly including the fix (hence the additional nightly today).

* The background service is only used on Windows, and currently only 
applies to Windows 32 bit builds. Users of the testing-only 64 bit 
nightlies will have to wait until Firefox implements the fully 
functionality there.


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