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Thu Aug 16 14:59:34 UTC 2012

Many of you may not be aware that there is an mxr instance that searches 
the code in all extensions on AMO,  This 
is however protected by a layer of security, so it requires a Mozilla 
LDAP account and special rights to use. Not sure who manages that 
security, but addon editor lead Jorge gave me the permissions.

When a patch is likely to make a change that impacts extensions, it 
would be good practice to look for specific addons and include the 
authors in the discussion. *Bug 780473* 
<> -" optimize some 
operations in the filter list" is a good example of where that was done. 
A proposed patch was going to change the calling sequence to a 
javascript function, and it was not hard to find the few extension 
authors that use that function and reach out to those authors. Now the 
authors are all involved in the bug discussions. This is not only a 
courtesy, but also good for developing the Thunderbird community. If you 
were an extension writer, wouldn't you much prefer a message saying "Hey 
we're thinking of changing this feature that impacts you extension - 
what do you think?" instead of simply finding a few versions later that 
you extension mysteriously stops working?

I don't want to create additional efforts for reviewers, it is hard 
enough as it is, but I would encourage you to consider impacts on 
extensions from javascript changes when doing reviews.


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