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> 2012/8/14 Axel <axel.grude at googlemail.com <mailto:axel.grude at googlemail.com>>
>     Yes, see my latest list at
>     https://etherpad.mozilla.org/tb-amo-category-improvements
> I love this new list.
> Just one last thing: should we really make one category for Backup/Archiving and 
> another one for Import/Export? In my imagination, backup is just like a sort of 
> export, isn't it? And archiving is another way of moving messages throught 
> Thunderbird folders. Or maybe you should add  the add-ons that would be put in this 
> category because it is not clear for me right now.
I was thinking bunching Backup / Archiving / Import / Export together myself, but it 
is a very wordy title. Do we even have a sufficient number of Backup or Archiving 
Addons? If somebody could come up with some examples, it might clear up this matter. 
As regards Import / Export (or maybe we could call it interfacing?) is it even worth 
adding this as category?

My other question is, are we missing any category ? - I tried to think of everything, 
but I am not perfect ;)

The last question is whether we should add IM/chat back to the "must have" list? I 
know there aren't many extensions right now. In my opinion it would be good for 
Thunderbird Innovation and for the users if we attract some attention in this area; it 
might also give the Add-On authors some motivation to write Add-Ons in this particular 

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