Extension Categories Review

Philipp Kewisch mozilla at kewis.ch
Tue Aug 14 15:40:20 UTC 2012

> In general, this new list seems _really_ long, and I'm not sure that 
> having this many choices will help users find the add-ons they want.  
> Now, on to more concrete suggestions.  ;)
I have been missing categories rather than thinking there are too many, 
not only when developing addons but also when searching for them. We 
should keep in mind though that the developer can only choose 2 
categories, so if there are addons which might fit into more than two, 
we either need to up the limit or condense the categories.

>> On 14-08-12 8:33 , Axel Grude wrote:
>>> Proposed new List
>>>   * Contacts
>>>   * Folders Management
>>>   * Message composing
>>>   * Message Reading
>>>   * News Reading
>> Do those two really need to be separate?
> Not sure - maybe they could be put together - they are currently 
> separate, so it might cause a stir among Addons-authors?
I would also rather think that Folders Management, Message Reading, 
Message Composing and News Reading is a very similar category and could 
be collapsed. I was thinking maybe "News & Message processing", but that 
may be too close to filters. Maybe just call it "Message Display and 
Editing", since News also consists of "messages". I think this is 
especially important due to what I said in the beginning.

Contacts should stay a separate category.

>>>   * Calendar & Date / Time related add-ons
>>>   * Signatures & Headers
>> Isn't this part of Message Composing?
> Not sure, probably yes - however there is at least one that let's you 
> edit headers of existing messages. There are extensions that 
> specialize in that sort of thing and it may be sufficiently complex to 
> warrant its own category?
I would very much appreciate a category for calendaring things. My 
suggestion would be to call it "Calendaring & Time Management", I think 
this covers both the calendaring aspect and the date/time related 
addons. Aside from Lightning being in this category, it would be very 
useful if you are looking for an extension to Lightning. Right now I 
have to stick them into General.

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