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Axel axel.grude at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 14 16:10:12 UTC 2012

Hello Joshua,

thanks for the input!  I have revised the list on the Etherpad, narrowing it down to 
11 items:

  * Contacts {google contact, morefunction for address book, funambol}

  * Message & News Reading {Conversations, Image Zoom, LookOut, Foxy Proxy, Compact
    Header, DispMUA)

  * Folders & Filters {QuickFolders, FiltaQuilla, Quick Folder Move, Quick Filer,
    Folder Flags, Copy Sent to Current, Mail Summaries} [As regards Filters vs.
    Search, Filters are actually actions mainly designed to modify messages or their

  * Message Composition {highlight text, signature-switch, shrunked image resizer,
    Stationery, smartTemplate4}

  * Calendaring & Time{Lightning, FoxClocks, Sun Cult, Google calendar provider,
    ThunderBirthDay} [I think this /should /include anything that involves displaying
    time / calendar related stuff like timers / alarm clocks / moon phases etc.]

  * Dictionaries & Language support{ Quick Translator, Quick Locale Switcher, Zombie
    Keys, Dictionary Switcher }

  * Backup & Archiving{ ... are there a few examples for this?? }

  * Import / Export {Password Exporter, Message Filter Import/Export, accountex,

  * Privacy & Security{Password Exporter, EnigMail, Master Password+,..}

  * Appearance& Customization [could include addons that configure themes]

  * Miscellaneus

And here are the ones that are probably not going to make it (I personally would like 
to keep the first 2):

  * Tags {TaQuilla, Tag Toolbar, Tb Conversations, Tags Toolbar }[I meant mail tags /
    labels. Again, there are very few extensions,so this might not be important as a

  * Chat & IM[this is going to be more important in the future, but  there are not
    many extensions right now]

  * Signatures & Headers[dropped => Composition and Reading]

  * Browsing[(Web browsing) IMO this is unimportant from the mail users view?]

  * Search Tools  [there are not all that many addons dealing with this in tb, and a
    lot is built in]

> On 8/14/2012 8:33 AM, Axel Grude wrote:
>>     Proposed new List
>>   * Contacts
>>   * Folders Management
> For clarity: are you talking about managing 10k messages in a folder here, or 
> managing 10k folders?
>>   * Message composing
> Message Composition is probably a better name.
>>   * Message Reading
>>   * News Reading
> I would combine these two for sure. The distinction isn't that great (I believe the 
> original intent was to separate NNTP-centric addons from mail-centric, but 
> particularly the fact that RSS was at one point exposed in the UI as "News and 
> Feeds" means that "News" is a very poor name for classification).
>>   * Calendar & Date / Time related add-ons
> Very wordy title. "Calendar" or "Calendaring" is probably better, since I don't 
> think there's a lot of value in pulling some pure date/time-related addons into the 
> same category of what is effectively addons to Lightning.
>>   * Signatures & Headers
> This strikes me as two very different things smashed into one category, and I don't 
> think it's entirely clear from a user perspective what would go in here. "Signature" 
> is overloaded to mean both S/MIME-esque signatures as well as that little thing at 
> the bottom of every email, while I don't know how prevalent "headers" is in use in 
> the sense that it exists for email. If you look at things from a workflow 
> perspective, very likely everything here would go into message composing or message 
> reading anyways, so having a specific section for them isn't very useful.
>>   * Filters
>>   * Search Tools
> Filtering and search go hand-in-hand; I don't think there's a lot of reason to 
> separate the two out
>>   * Tags
> Which kind of tags? Tags in the calendar? address book? folder tags? tags as 
> folders? tags on messages? Too much ambiguity here, and I don't think it usefully 
> breaks up any components.
>>   * Chat & IM
>>   * Dictionaries & Language support
>>   * Backup & Archiving
>>   * Privacy and Security
>>     <https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/extensions/privacy-and-security/>
>>   * Toolbars
>>   * Appearance
> Appearance is a vague term, but I'm not quickly finding anything better. I'm not 
> certain there's any gain from splitting out Toolbars from appearance, especially if 
> we can come up for a name for Appearance that would capture its intent better (AIUI, 
> any UI feature that's not directly controlled by or controlling anything explicitly 
> called out here).
>>   * Developer Tools
> I'm divided here. There is/will be definitely a sizeable set of tools to include in 
> here if we port a lot of the current devtools work to Thunderbird. On the other 
> hand, I am not sure making this an explicit category is any more beneficial than 
> publishing an add-on collection (or set of collections) for things like "this is 
> useful for debugging Thunderbird!"
>>   * Folder pane customisation
> Customizing the folder pane is nothing more than another way to manage a lot of 
> folders/accounts.
>>   * Browsing
> Browsing what? Considering that web browsing is not a core feature of Thunderbird, 
> I'm not sure there's value from separating from miscellaneous.
>>   * Miscellaneus
> Keep in mind that we do have search functionality for addons, and we can build 
> collections where it makes sense. With that in mind, it is probably better to have 
> very broad categories instead of narrow definitions.
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