Extension Categories Review

Vincent el.cameleon.1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 14:49:50 UTC 2012

Agreed that this list is too long!

I would have separate the categories among the task that we perform with

   - Contact (google contact, morefunction for address book, funambol, ...)

   Folders Management I don't seewe have so much add-on in this category
    - Message composing (hightlight text, signature-switch, Stationery,...)
   - Message, News and blog Reading (Conversations, ...)

   News Reading(see above)
   - Calendar (Lighting, Google calendar provider, ,...ThunderBirthDay)

   Signatures & Headers
   - Miscellaneus (including filter, tags, backup, and browsing)
   - Appearance (including toolbar and folderpane customization)
   - Chat & IM (not sur if this couldn't land in Miscellaneus as well...)
   - Dictionaries & Language support
   - Privacy and

   Developer Tools (I am quite sure that our developer have other source of
   informations if they need to know how to make a Thunderbird add-on)

So we will just have 9 categories, which seems good for me.

Vincent (caméléon)
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