Thunderbird and the LDAP c-sdk

Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Aug 13 13:24:34 UTC 2012

For a long time, we've been using the Mozilla LDAP c-sdk 
<> to provide the backend for the 
LDAP implementation in Thunderbird. I don't know the full history, so I 
can't point you to it.

Over the last few years, the development of the LDAP c-sdk has been very 
limited, with few contributed patches.

Whilst it generally appears to be perfectly adequate for Thunderbird's 
needs, there's one problem that we keep on hitting. On Linux systems, 
Thunderbird can crash 
<>, if OpenLDAP is 
installed and set up for authentication (and probably a few variants of 
that). This is primarily due to the way module loading works on Linux, 
and the slight API differences between the two libraries.

Due to both the crash and the low maintenance of the Mozilla version, 
I'd like to propose that we consider replacing the Mozilla version that 
we're currently using. Discussions I've had previously with the module 
owners gave no objections to replacing it.

There's two possible routes I think we could go down:

 1. Replace the sdk with the OpenLDAP version, I believe this would need
    some API tweaks and obviously testing to ensure no functional
    difference, or
 2. Replace the sdk with a javascript version, which would obviously
    need some rewriting.

I'm not sure what javascript options exist, hopefully Joshua or someone 
can provide some additional information.


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