Proposed Release Plan changes

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri Aug 10 13:41:11 UTC 2012

On 09/08/2012 19:23, Magnus Melin wrote:
> On 09.08.2012 15:52, Mark Banner wrote:
>> Betas aren't too much work, we'd probably do one a cycle for most 
>> cycles (assuming no significant issues found for the beta users), 
>> except during the cycles leading up to release when we'd ramp it up 
>> again. The only time we'd do something different would be for 
>> intermediate releases, which would have to have betas based on the 
>> Gecko 17 route, but would include a lot of the fixes from the trunk.
> For us not on the release floor - what is it that makes it so much 
> less work to do a beta vs a release?
The main thing to remember is that for a release you need to do a 
minimum of 2 betas (one at the start of the Gecko cycle to pick up 
gecko, one at the end to pick up any fixes through the cycle), probably 
4 or 5 as you'll want to incrementally include the latest release.

So you've already got several times the effort of pushing out a single beta.

On top of that, for final releases you need to make sure that:

  * You've addressed all the bugs you're tracking for the release (for
    beta we don't necessarily fix all the bugs being tracked as they can
    be fixed during the cycle)
  * Prompt L10n to finish their localisations
  * Web pages (release notes, system requirements etc) are written and
    agreed with any blog/press documents prepared
  * If you have a what's new page, then that needs to be completed and
    pushed out to localisers (which is basically land n copies of it,
    file 50+ bugs, and then help out localisers with landing etc)


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