Open Badges program for Thunderbird contributors

John Hopkins jhopkins at
Thu Aug 9 19:28:23 UTC 2012

On 12-08-09 3:10 PM, David Ascher wrote:
> On Aug 09 '12 11:09 AM, Roland MoCoWin7 Tanglao wrote:
>> 1. integration with email: i am pretty sure you can embed the badges 
>> in email e.g. in your signature
> Yes. Badges are PNGs with embedded crypto bits.
>> 2. who decides to give badges: my guess is that it would be the community
> That is not an answer =).
> The community should provide input, but I think there has to be a 
> single role (who is assigned to a person at a time), who actually 
> maintains the standard that the badge represents.
I think the central role would be more effective if it were focused on 
granting the authority to give badges to people who, in turn, could 
grant the same authority to others, thus creating a classical 'web of 
trust' or in this case a 'web of competency'.  This would scale better 
and let others who are better at gauging skill in a certain area make 
the decision of whether to grant a badge.  It also means there is less 
disruption when that central person moves on to other things.


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