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1. integration with email: i am pretty sure you can embed the badges in 
email e.g. in your signature
2. who decides to give badges: my guess is that it would be the community

On 07/08/2012 2:05 AM, Ludovic Hirlimann wrote:
> On 7/27/12 1:37 AM, Anne-Marie Bourcier wrote:
>> Hello,
>> In the spring, the Mozilla Foundation launched the "Open Badges" 
>> program ( The intention of Open Badges is to 
>> provide a standardized open framework that enables organizations to 
>> issue digital "badges" that recognize skills or achievements.
>> The Thunderbird team thought it would be great to implement an Open 
>> Badges program for Thunderbird contributors. We started brainstorming 
>> about how we could implement the program and talking with the very 
>> helpful and enthusiastic Foundation folks who work on the project.
>> However, now that we are changing Thunderbird's governance model, we 
>> need to find out if the Thunderbird community thinks it is worthwhile 
>> to implement Thunderbird Badges and if the community is able and 
>> willing to run the program for themselves in the long term. If the 
>> community likes the idea and wants to move ahead, we will do all the 
>> preparation and set up the technical aspects and then hand the 
>> program over to the community in the fall.
>> To run the program, the community would have to implement some kind 
>> of process where contributions in various areas were tracked and 
>> significant contributions were forwarded to a person who generated 
>> the badges. The badge program would require an ongoing commitment, 
>> because it wouldn't be fair if badges were only issued to a few 
>> people and then the program was dropped. Also, the criteria for 
>> issuing badges must be clear so that the process is not open to 
>> favoritism.
>> A summary of our thinking about how to implement badges follows 
>> (however keep in mind that the community is welcome to alter as they 
>> see fit):
>> A badge rewards a demonstration of competency, not a degree of 
>> contribution. A badge isn't a reward for effort; it's a validation of 
>> a demonstrable skill.
>> Given that model, the Thunderbird Community could implement badges 
>> for these kinds of things:
>> - Thunderbird Core Contributor Badge: People who contribute a 
>> significant patch to the Thunderbird core, thus demonstrating a 
>> competency in programming.
>> - Thunderbird Add-on Developer Badge: People who create a Thunderbird 
>> add-on that is accepted by AMO, thus demonstrating a competency in 
>> programming.
>> - Thunderbird Knowledge Base Author Badge: People who create a 
>> Thunderbird Knowledge Base article that uses a set of the more 
>> complex formatting tools (templates, tables, images, etc), thus 
>> demonstrating a competency in authoring on a wiki platform and 
>> technical writing.
>> - Thunderbird Support Contributor Badge: for people solving questions 
>> (reward based on number of answers or technical accuracy)
>> - Thunderbird Ambassador Badge: People who create something 
>> significant outside the normal venues for contribution. For example, 
>> a Thunderbird contributor recently wrote a P2PU course and supporting 
>> workbook that explains how to set up PGP for use with Thunderbird. 
>> This is a significant effort that brings attention to Thunderbird 
>> from a whole new group.
>> This wiki page describes our thinking and our progress on the 
>> project:
> These seems to be very web based - would be nice to find a great way 
> to have them integrate with email.
> I like the idea of recognizing once involvement in the project. What's 
> missing above , is who decides to give badges ? But I think once we've 
> figured out some TB dev, that should be an easy question.
> Ludo
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