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JoeS joesab2005 at
Thu Aug 9 03:11:34 UTC 2012

Well this has gotten me totally confused.
from the original wiki post:
   > There are currently two editions of Thunderbird: 'Thunderbird' and 
'Thunderbird ESR'.
> Both will be maintained and based on the same Gecko engine release.

Yet in the etherpad comments:

>     Thunderbird Daily builds will be kept up to date and current nightly gecko
>     Keeping these running gives us:
>     continous integration with gecko updates avoiding a massive jump
>     a safe place to land patches/improvements etc for the next major release

If the first quote is correct, this means that the only way mainstream 
users will see any community driven, or Gecko core improvements is with 
a once a year release with the esr Gecko base.
This separates the everyday user from the dev/testing community by a 
full year. What use is community input via bugzilla.
I guess you might say that user impact via bug reports has in fact been 
minimal, how about now when we have to say "Someone might take a look at 
that, you might see something in next year's release"
Assuming that TB is all that it needs to be for every user could truly 
be the death knell for the project.


On 8/8/2012 17:36, Mark Banner wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just updated the Change of Release and Governance model
> <>
> wiki page with a revised section for Releases, this links straight to a
> new etherpad containing the initial version of the proposed release plan
> following the switch to the new model:
> Sorry for no pretty pictures, I'll put one together after we flesh it
> out a bit more.
> Please add small comments there, and if you think your comment needs a
> larger discussion, use this thread or start a new one.
> Mark.
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