Papercuts remixed (was Re: What's the status of papercuts?)

Kent James kent at
Tue Aug 7 19:26:36 UTC 2012

On 8/7/2012 4:09 AM, Ludovic Hirlimann wrote:
>> My first impulse was to toss those out of the "papercut" list as too 
>> complex, but as I think about it maybe what we should do is to tie 
>> these high-vote bugs to specific backend rework projects that we have 
>> talked about doing. (and actually "filter for attachments" is really 
>> an enhancement and not a failure to meet design specifications ("true 
>> bug"). I really think we need to focus on "true bugs" first).
> I like that idea - true bugs first and enhancement laters.
> How do you deal with bugs that *need* a redesign in that case (/me 
> looks at the AB) ?
> How Many bugs should we extract from bugzilla to work on ?
> How do we deal with perf in the long term (ie thinking something along 
> the line of snappy) ?
These are big questions. But I need to put off commenting for now, but 
perhaps we can come back to them in a month.

I (and I expect others) are currently focused on two questions, the 
first more urgent and the second bigger:

1) Can I finish my critical core patches in time to make it into TB 17 
ESR? This I am doing quietly, fighting core bustages that seem to occur 

2) What will be the format and structure of the future Thunderbird 

I hope to begin posting some possibilities for this in the near future, 
and I hope we continue to hear more official work from Mozilla and 
current Thunderbird staff about their thoughts on this.


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