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Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at mozilla.com
Tue Aug 7 09:03:08 UTC 2012

On 7/20/12 1:33 AM, Anne-Marie Bourcier wrote:
> Hello,
> End of last year, we conducted an end-users survey on our installed 
> base. We are pleased to share the complete results with you today. 
> _Please treat this information as confidential within the TB-planning 
> group. _
> Warning: as we don't have TB users contact details we couldn't mail 
> the survey, so we leverage our Start Page to prompt users: only 
> end-users with the standard TB start page have had the opportunity to 
> complete the survey.
> We hope you will be interested by the findings and that it will 
> facilitate your current brainstorming.
> Feel free to address me your questions if any,
The slides are a bit old and mention that the Japanese translation have 
not been received. I'm going to assume that the translation did arrive. 
Can we get an updated document with the Japan analysis ?

On 7/20/12 8:39 PM, Nomis101 wrote:
> Am 20.07.12 10:11, schrieb Axel:
>>> and especially that it seems there are more linux users than Mac users.
>> Again, not too surprising as a lot of linux distros bundle 
>> Thunderbird; what mail clients does Mac OS bundle?
> Ok, I didn't know that Linux bundles Thunderbird. Than this is not 
> surprising, you are right.  OS X bundles Apple Mail.

But we kind of support import from AppleMail but not from other Linux MUA :(


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