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On 7/13/12 5:09 PM, Joshua Cranmer wrote:
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> Subject: 	Re: Papercuts remixed - the bug list
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> From: 	Jesse Thompson <jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu>
> To: 	Pidgeot18 at verizon.net
> Hi Joshua,
> Given that there appears to be an attempt to reach out to the broader
> community - people who are not familiar with how to get started
> volunteering for Thunderbird - perhaps that wiki page should give some
> advice in that regard.  There are probably a lot of fans of Thunderbird,
> like me, who have never contributed to it, but who might be enticed to
> do so.
So about you explain a bit more what you think is missing so we can 
start working on making the missing links/documentation be available for 
new comers ?


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