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On 7/12/12 10:11 AM, Axel Grude wrote:
> /Garrafrauns, the 12th of July 2012/ 08:55:27
> Additionally, I was also thinking since the last one that I should 
> maybe host a workshop for add-on authors with a focus on Thunderbird 
> add-ons, either a "getting started with Tb addons" or a "exchanging 
> experiences for authors of existing add-ons". Or maybe one about 
> Monetization in Tb-Addons. Comments about what you think would be most 
> desired by the community, or best help the (Thunderbird) cause?
Great ideas ! We did that at the last mozcamp, and during Fosdem, I'm 
not sure it triggered new extensions bt I like the idea. One thing that 
we might also work on is making the documentation for add-ons authors a 
bit better. Jen will be onsite so we might also during the workshops 
take notes on what needs to be improved documentation wise.

On the same note, we use PSM/NSS a lot more than Firefox, I see that 
Kaie as setup or is setting up a workshop to recruit more NSS/PSM 
hackers - would be interesting to see what comes out of this.
> One more thing that comes to mind (and I am sure it would be of 
> interest to the corporate users of Thundebird) is the topic of outlook 
> - thunderbird interoperability (although I don't know too much about 
> this). Since Microsoft has decided to use their Word HTML rendering 
> engine (outlook 2007), this is starting to have an effect on 
> Thunderbird users (and those having to use both platforms) - just 
> thought I throw that out there as well.

can you expand you thoughts on that ?


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