bug 440377, was: Work done on 3 bugs

Michel RENON michel.renon at free.fr
Sat Aug 4 10:26:11 UTC 2012

Le 02/08/12 07:56, Kent James a écrit :

>> - bug 440377 [3]
>> I created an extension that does that ! And with autocompletion ! It's
>> still not production-ready ...
> Unless this is intended purely as a throw-away proof of concept, I would
> encourage you to consider cleaning this up and submitted it for review
> on mozilla's addon site. Looking very briefly at it, I can see that you
> did not follow the practices that the AMO editors will want to get it
> production ready as an addon - and the standards for an addon are
> generally lower than those for core code. There are good guides on the
> AMO site that show what those practices are.

I started the validation process : already 3 warnings corrected.
I should submit it very soon

> When you submit it, you are likely to get a very brief comment about the
> problem. They are very busy there, and mostly focused on Firefox, but
> still the discipline is useful. Axel Grude who hangs out here as well as
> I are both amo-editors, so we could give you pointers if you need it.


>>   - pb displaying names with non-ascii caracters :
>>     create a draft with name "john éè", save, re-open it : it displays
>>     the internally encoded name. What is the js api to decode it ?
>>     I saw some cpp code that seems to handle that, but nothing for js.
> I'm not exactly sure what you are asking for, but here is some code of
> mine that does
> some decoding, perhaps this is your issue:
>      var mimeConvert = Cc["@mozilla.org/messenger/mimeconverter;1"]
>               .getService(Ci.nsIMimeConverter);
>      var decodedSubject =  mimeConvert.decodeMimeHeader(subject, null,
> false, true);

Thanks, that's what was missing !
This part is ok now.


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