bug 440377, was: Work done on 3 bugs

Michel RENON michel.renon at free.fr
Sat Aug 4 10:24:05 UTC 2012


Le 02/08/12 10:23, Axel a écrit :
> Hello Michel!
> [...]
> good bug! If you want to send me a test version of your extension first,
> fire away!

ok, sending it and discusing technical layout by pm !

> I would say that must be quite hard to code with autocompletion and
> all... once we have this, since this is a html field, it would also be
> cool if addresses would be open to be "styled" via CSS (e.g. by wrapping
> them in <email> tags). I think writing a working extension for "testing
> the waters" for a possible patch is a great way as you can get feedback
> without having to mess with the core code. Implementing it as an
> extension is harder (as you have to deal with overlaying) but also
> easier (as we reviewers on AMO are a lot less picky than on
> thunderbird-bugzilla).

FYI, in the current version of the extension, addresses fields are still 
Html addresses fields will be in a future version (I hope !).

It was easier to code an extension, because I changed only 2 existings 
method. All other js code is added.


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