Gecko versions for future Thunderbird releases, and impending Gecko 17

Wayne Mery (d531) vseerror at Lehigh.EDU
Fri Aug 3 13:35:16 UTC 2012

On 8/2/2012 12:34 PM, Wayne Mery (d531) wrote:
> On 8/2/2012 12:26 PM, Wayne Mery (d531) wrote:
>> Mark is no doubt working on the proposed outline for handling Gecko in
>> the upcoming new era. But given that we haven't seen it yet I'm slightly
>> concerned about how quickly 17 is coming up, and what it might mean for
>> ESR 17 and possibly "normal" thunderbird releases.
>> Are there any serious issues we need to see fixed for Gecko 17? Or need
>> between 17 and 24 (the next ESR iirc)?  Especially if they might be hard
>> to incorporate into thunderbird even if we use our own long lived branch
>> of Gecko?
>> A rather unreduced list of core and toolkit issues that mention
>> thunderbird, excluding crashes -

216 bugs in the above list. I didn't review this list, but perhaps 
someone could suggest a way to split it up amongst several people or 
suggegst which types of bugs to focus on.  (There is of course one 
[tbwants] bug in the list)

> severity=normal bugs (ugh!  a lot are labeled regression)  -

193 bugs in the above list. I took 15 minutes to read the summaries and 
didn't find anything notable.  However, I'm  not ggood in the  security, 
editor and xul areas, so someone with knowledge and interest in such 
bugs might want to sort the list on component and have a look.

perhaps the most persistent and embarrasing bugs (for lack of a better 
term) are some of the ones in international and accessibility - where we 
have some longstanding weaknesses.

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