Gecko versions for future Thunderbird releases, and impending Gecko 17

Irving Reid irving at
Thu Aug 2 18:42:29 UTC 2012

I'll take a quick look at this.

  - irving -

On 12-08-02 2:38 PM, Wayne Mery wrote:
> Quoting Kent James <kent at>:
>> Well to quote a recent bug ping "The most annoying bug I know... It
>> happened to nearly everyone I know." is bug 482811, which is dependent
>> on core bug 476541, and has hope for a fix in active bug 729720.
>> There is a proposed TB workaround, but the last official word on that
>> (14 months and 44 comments earlier) is:
>> "we believe it is a core issue and needs resolving there. We will
>> however be seeing if we can help drive the core issue forward."
>> rkent
> Indeed. I had pinged smichaud early this week about it. Unfortunately
> core Mac developers are still in short supply and apparently he is "it"
> for now. But he's just posted an update today in bug 729720.  It would
> be good for people to test
>  Perhaps some
> Thunderbird developer(s) can jump in and build on his WIP?

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