Work done on 3 bugs

Kent James kent at
Thu Aug 2 05:56:33 UTC 2012

Hi Michel,

Thank you for your efforts here! They are appreciated.

I'd like to make some suggestions to you though that would help you to 
integrate into our processes and culture here. Otherwise, it is 
difficult to make use of what you have done. Thunderbird is a big 
project that is not always easy to manage, and Mozilla has some very 
definite ways that things are done to manage that complexity. If you 
don't adapt to their ways, your efforts are likely to get lost and go to 
waste, and we would not want that!

On 8/1/2012 5:23 AM, Michel RENON wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been silent last days because I've been working/coding for 
> Thunderbird.
> Here are my first results :
> - bug 281417 [1]
> I found that a ultra-simple one-line patch would answer most of 
> requests. The patch is inserted in the papercut wiki page [2].
Could you post it on the bug instead? The papercuts list is not really 
designed as a place to have discussions of bugs and hold patches, so 
whatever you posted there will not get any attention.

> - bug 440377 [3]
> I created an extension that does that ! And with autocompletion ! It's 
> still not production-ready ...
Unless this is intended purely as a throw-away proof of concept, I would 
encourage you to consider cleaning this up and submitted it for review 
on mozilla's addon site. Looking very briefly at it, I can see that you 
did not follow the practices that the AMO editors will want to get it 
production ready as an addon - and the standards for an addon are 
generally lower than those for core code. There are good guides on the 
AMO site that show what those practices are.

When you submit it, you are likely to get a very brief comment about the 
problem. They are very busy there, and mostly focused on Firefox, but 
still the discipline is useful. Axel Grude who hangs out here as well as 
I are both amo-editors, so we could give you pointers if you need it.

>   I need help to correct last bugs ...

It is much easier to answer a request for information when you break it 
into smaller emails. When you ask detailed questions deep into a long 
email, they are likely to get ignored.

>   - pb displaying names with non-ascii caracters :
>     create a draft with name "john éè", save, re-open it : it displays
>     the internally encoded name. What is the js api to decode it ?
>     I saw some cpp code that seems to handle that, but nothing for js.
I'm not exactly sure what you are asking for, but here is some code of 
mine that does
some decoding, perhaps this is your issue:

     var mimeConvert = Cc[";1"]
     var decodedSubject =  mimeConvert.decodeMimeHeader(subject, null, false, true);

   - the default height of the address panel is too big. I spent hours
> searching what css rule/which js code defines that but found
>     nothing. Have you an idea ?
css is not my area.

> - bug 739311 (just added on the papercut page)
> I have a workaround :
Once again, the proper place to post this is on the bug, not here in 
this forum. Please make your suggestions there.

> Hope you'll like this stuff.

I'm really happy to see you starting to contribute!


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