Work done on 3 bugs

Michel RENON michel.renon at
Wed Aug 1 12:23:40 UTC 2012


I've been silent last days because I've been working/coding for Thunderbird.
Here are my first results :

- bug 281417 [1]
I found that a ultra-simple one-line patch would answer most of 
requests. The patch is inserted in the papercut wiki page [2].
If devs want to add options and preferences, it's a bonus, but the basic 
behaviour is here.

- bug 440377 [3]
I created an extension that does that ! And with autocompletion !
You can have informations and download it on my website [4].
I tried to write code as clean and readable as  possible (comments...).
It should be easy to intégrate it in tb :
   - add/replace js code in one file
   - add/replace xul in one file
   - add css in one file

It's still not production-ready and I need help to correct last bugs :
   - pb displaying names with non-ascii caracters :
     create a draft with name "john éè", save, re-open it : it displays
     the internally encoded name. What is the js api to decode it ?
     I saw some cpp code that seems to handle that, but nothing for js.

   - the default height of the address panel is too big. I spent hours
     searching what css rule/which js code defines that but found
     nothing. Have you an idea ?

Work remaining :
   - tests, tests, tests...
   - translation
   - add preferences (internally there are options to change some
     behaviours, but no gui to access them)
   - adapt UI for differents platforms (height of fields, colors ??)

- bug 739311 (just added on the papercut page)
I have a workaround : it's not the perfect solution, but it's simple and 
it works : "if the css rule doesn't work, let's forceth height through js".
It's a "less than 20 lines" patch on one file : 
I could not upload on the wiki, so it's in my website [6]

Hope you'll like this stuff.



[4] (old and slow 
(1.1 Ko)

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