Proposal: Thunderbird for Tablet

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at
Wed Aug 1 17:51:13 UTC 2012

On 07/31/2012 10:50 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
> Would it be prudent, seeing as some of the main issues with 
> Thunderbird will apparently require a lot of work/major pain, to have 
> a long term goal of totally rewriting the Thunderbird UI but using the 
> B2G libraries?

It's certainly a long-term goal of mine to use the B2G libraries to 
create a desktop client designed for keyboard/mouse interaction. But it 
will be some time before the libraries are in a position to do that.  
Right now, they are very explicitly targeting phone devices with limited 
bandwidth/power, only synchronizing the most recent messages in each 
folder or as requested by the user and just enough data required for 
display.  Also, the libraries are currently message-centric; no attempt 
is made to associate the messages in conversations like gmail or gloda.  
(Although when server-supported, we may provide a button to trigger a 
search for the messages in a conversation given the server's capabilities.)

Which is to say: yes, but Thunderbird is in no danger of being eclipsed 
in the near future.


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