Adding instant messaging features to Thunderbird

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Thu Sep 29 14:45:37 UTC 2011

Em 29-09-2011 10:36, Florian Quèze escreveu:
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 08:56, Martin Jungowski<martin at>  wrote:
>> * Needs a possibility to get disabled globally for all users.
> Users (or administrators) would have to explicitly configure
> Thunderbird to use instant messaging, like they explicitly need to
> configure their email accounts.
The user still can explicitly configure TB itself with a non-allowed IM, 
without notice by admin. Still, it may not succeed if IM is blocked by a 

>>   Not all corporations will be happy about an instant messenger for
>>   their employees. Infact, most would probably want to disable it to
>>   dispose of this distraction.
> Avoiding pointless distraction and interruptions is definitely
> important for people using Thunderbird in a work context.
As Florian remembered me, some companies have their own internal IM as a 
working tool.

>>   An email client with instant messaging
>>   features that cannot be disabled would force us to choose a different
>>   one.
> Out of curiosity, does this mean you also disable web access? (there
> are lots of IM services accessible from the web, including websites
> that act as gateways to other IM services)
> Isn't giving people clear indications of what they are expected to do
> or not to do in their work environment more efficient than forcefully
> disabling features?
> In some cases, setting up a private IM server may also be an option to
> consider: answering a question via IM is usually less interrupting
> than having to pickup a ringing phone.
Can't you block external IM in your firewall or proxy?

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