TB extension development - debugging/testing

gNeandr neandr at gmx.de
Thu Sep 29 09:50:49 UTC 2011

Maybe you think "extension development" isn't an object to discuss here 
at tb-planning at mozilla.org.
OK, but I would ask you to read on .. or to feedback for a better forum 
etc ..

As an contributor for ReminderFox I'm faced with problems caused by the 
new release cycles and higher requirements for coding standards (which 
is OK, basically to make better quality and stability).

The trade-off is: the testing seems to becomes a *big* problem. We need 
a good eco system for development & testing!
If the answer is: there is the " Add-on SDK", here is the situation:

I'm speaking as an contributor of an high rated, Mozilla recommended, 7 
year old mature extension with many users (Active Daily Users On 
Wednesday, Sep. 28: 398,046 -- 
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/statistics/addon/1191). ReminderFox is 
*not* only for Firefox, but brings value to 
Thunderbird/Seamonkey(messenger part) users as well!

To hold pace with the release cycles we need testing tools!

We had Venkman -- that's not running smoothly, only after tuning the 
installation, but can be used for JS only
We had Firebug/Chromebug. There is no known working combination of 
versions for TB/FX > 3.x.
And for Chromebug the development process stopped.

So how to debug, trace JS/CSS in a fast moving world like FX/TB 6,7,8,9 ?

I hope there are good answers.


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