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Mon Sep 26 18:37:02 UTC 2011

The wait for Thunderbird/non-FF addon reviews is currently at 6 days, 
which also needs to be factored into any timing decisions. (I review 
most addons of that type, and I keep the TB wait several days shorter 
than the FF wait).

For my own addons, I've been experimenting with a cycle of updates every 
six weeks, starting a few days after the release bump. New Account Types 
is my prototype for this process, because it in a binary addon, and 
requires an admin review that my take longer than a normal review. The 
most recent New Account Types from a few weeks ago supported versions 6, 
7, and 8. I will start in a few days doing any updates required for 
version 9, and preparing a release supporting version 7, 8, and 9. I 
really think that this is the process that will be needed for serious 
addons, as you would like for your addon to also work for beta users of 
Thunderbird, which will be upgraded to version 8 soon.

So you really need to have November 8, 2011 on your calendar (the next 
release bump date) and plan any addon updates you need around that date.

I have been trying to get the TB team to cooperate with this addon 
release cycle. That is, I will need for TB 9.* to be an allowed maximum 
version soon after the release bump. I see that 8.* is now allowed, but 
that status was not available when I updated New Account Types a few 
weeks ago.

I don't make any claims that this is an easy or even reasonable 
expectation of part-time addon authors.

On 9/26/2011 6:04 AM, Leni Mayo wrote:
> I've just got back from holiday and discovered that Thunderbird 7 is 
> to be released tomorrow and that I have to change the addon and upload 
> it to AMO.
> Timing-wise, I received the relevant email from mozilla on the 23rd 
> and Thunderbird's 7's release date is the 27th.
> Surely 4 days notice is a bit unreasonable.  I've been happy to tinker 
> away on the addon as a hobby but this is starting to feel like an 
> imposition.
> I understand why TB needs to move to a faster release cycle.  I 
> honestly don't know whether I can (or want to) keep up.
> Leni.
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