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Steffen Wilberg steffen.wilberg at
Mon Sep 26 13:27:20 UTC 2011

Hi Leni,

releases happen every 6 weeks, this shouldn't be a surprise anymore.

I'd recommend using either Earlybird (equivalent to Firefox Aurora) or 
Beta. If you use Earlybird, the development (in the "central" phase) is 
pretty much finished, and you still have 12 weeks, i.e. almost 3 months, 
until release.

You don't have to upload a new version of your addon to AMO if nothing 
has to be changed except the maxVersion in its install.rdf; you can bump 
the maxVersion through the administrator interface of AMO.

For Firefox, this bump happens automatically if the addon passes an 
automatic test, which looks for the use of interfaces which have changed 
in the upcoming release. This should happen or is at least planned for 
Thunderbird as well, but I don't know what the current status is.


Am 26.09.2011 15:04 schrieb Leni Mayo:
> I've just got back from holiday and discovered that Thunderbird 7 is to
> be released tomorrow and that I have to change the addon and upload it
> to AMO.
> Timing-wise, I received the relevant email from mozilla on the 23rd and
> Thunderbird's 7's release date is the 27th.
> Surely 4 days notice is a bit unreasonable. I've been happy to tinker
> away on the addon as a hobby but this is starting to feel like an
> imposition.
> I understand why TB needs to move to a faster release cycle. I honestly
> don't know whether I can (or want to) keep up.
> Leni.
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