Status of the "Compose in a tab" experiment

Scott Armitage scott.armitage at
Sun Sep 25 15:10:16 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I like the concept of moving the compose dialog to a tab, as it makes much 
more sense within a tabbed workflow. In addition, the built-in compose 
dialog (Thunderbird 6.0.2) is *terrible*, and I would love something sleeker 
to replace it.

Unfortunately, I am not ready to switch to Compose just yet, for a few 

   1. The interface is not yet much better than the default dialog; I find 
   the editor far too busy, with too much emphasis on the HTML formatting. I 
   think taking some cues from Google's editor implementations would be 
   beneficial here.
   2. As I have found all to common in OSS projects lately, I feel there is 
   too much white space, as well as too many "bubblies".
   3. Lack of integration with the built-in address book -- I agree that the 
   address book needs to change as well, but I am not ready to move to two 
   experimental projects simultaneously.

Good work, keep it up! Hopefully we can get something like this branched 
into main.

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