thunderbird release cycle

Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Sep 26 13:44:51 UTC 2011

On 26/09/2011 14:04, Leni Mayo wrote:
> Timing-wise, I received the relevant email from mozilla on the 23rd 
> and Thunderbird's 7's release date is the 27th.
> Surely 4 days notice is a bit unreasonable.  I've been happy to tinker 
> away on the addon as a hobby but this is starting to feel like an 
> imposition.
Yes I agree that 4 days is unreasonable, which is why that notification 
email also included an apology and brief explanation - whilst we had an 
initial delay due to just getting the information together and prepared 
which was a result of us just getting used to the new cycles, we'd have 
still had about 2 weeks notification time. Unfortunately a scheduled AMO 
update that would have allowed us to do the email run was delayed due to 
technical issues, which pushed us back to only having 4 days.

I wasn't happy with this, but I knew from the compatibility list that 
the vast majority of our add-ons were compatible with TB 7. Also, I'm 
hoping that add-on authors will start to learn the release cycle is 
every 6 weeks, and will therefore do the work ahead of time. I should 
have done some extra outreach via one of the blogs, but unfortunately I 
didn't get time to do that for which I can only apologise.

Looking to the future. We're now in the position that the compatibility 
information for Thunderbird 8 is already prepared and ready to roll. I 
think it is being pushed out this week (if not, definitely next week). 
So we'll be about 5 weeks ahead :-) . Additionally with the Thunderbird 
9 merge happening to aurora tomorrow, my aim is to get that onto AMO 
within 3-4 weeks, and the bump done a week or two before Thunderbird 9 
goes onto aurora.

We should then hopefully be able to maintain that sort of schedule and 
keep bumping and notifying before we hit beta.

Again apologise for the bumpy ride so far, it will be getting better 
from here onwards.


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