Adding instant messaging features to Thunderbird

Florian Quèze florian at
Fri Sep 23 16:11:22 UTC 2011

On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 14:25, Patrick Cloke <clokep at> wrote:

> This might of course require the
> establishment of a standard for email/PIM/IM information exchange, which
> might not be a bad thing, but standards don't get followed and you need some
> implementation time before they're really used.  This might be a preferred
> path forward though (i.e. someway that any install email provider could find
> any installed IM provider, instead of specifically Thunderbird + Instantbird
> or what have you).

Trying to define a standard that could be followed by other email
applications too is an interesting idea. I'm not sure yet how feasible
it is, but I'll think about it!

> But also with this is not just support for email...but also for calendar
> (e.g. the instant messaging automatically changes status busy when I have a
> meeting and available when I don't, this may seem very strange in a
> non-corporate environment, but is very useful in one).

Interesting idea, thanks!

> Open standards are good, but it'd be nice to know what percentage of chat
> takes place on each network and what users would eventually expect to be
> supported. Unfortunately tracking IM usage is very hard to do, perhaps a
> survey the Mozilla community about what IM networks are used (as well as
> technical skill and location) would be in order to get some further
> information?

We will try to do some user research. I would prefer if our decisions
could be backed by real data.

> (Also, XMPP might allow support for basic MSN usage as
> Microsoft has announced...)
Yes, we will see how this goes.

> Good luck!  This is very exciting. :)

Florian Quèze

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