gNeandr neandr at
Tue Sep 20 14:32:47 UTC 2011

Am 20.09.2011 04:48, schrieb Unicorn.Consulting:
> i Would like to suggest we use the opportunity to move mailing lists 
> to a tag based system, 

A tag based system is possible today with using an extension already:

You can use "Category" or "User defined" fields. Just enter different 
'list' items,eg. separated with semikolon (or comma)  and display the 
column of that attribute. Using the search (with the extension it 
includes category and user fields) you can show those cards which meet 
the search 'list' string.

> so the list is linked to the original record, rather than duplicated 
> as at present.  Deleting a contact should seamlessly delete from 
> address book and mailing list.
Standard TB/AB lists do not duplicate the card, only 'collects' links to 
the cards.

> Deleting from mailing list removes only the tag for that mailing list.
With using Category etc just delete the approbiated 'list' items from 
the string.

> Allow for multiple mailing list tags. 
This is just multiple 'list' items combined in the string; but editing 
multiple cards for one or more category items isn't easy at the moment.

> Contact may be in more than one mailing list.
> Make the whole of each address book a mailing list in it's own right 
> by default, so the user can mail everyone on Facebook, Gmail or 
> whatever address books they maintain.
> Matt

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