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Tue Sep 20 08:48:19 UTC 2011

On 20/09/2011 6:25 AM, Mike Conley wrote:
> All:
> I've updated the feature page again with some general use cases.  Let 
> me know if you have any questions, concerns, comments, etc.  All 
> feedback welcome while I sort this thing out.  :)
> -Mike
i Would like to suggest we use the opportunity to move mailing lists to 
a tag based system, so the list is linked to the original record, rather 
than duplicated as at present.  Deleting a contact should seamlessly 
delete from address book and mailing list.  Deleting from mailing list 
removes only the tag for that mailing list.  Allow for multiple mailing 
list tags.  Contact may be in more than one mailing list.

Make the whole of each address book a mailing list in it's own right by 
default, so the user can mail everyone on Facebook, Gmail or whatever 
address books they maintain.


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