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nice jobs

in a later stage this feature will be very usefull too
to personnalize some mails from external data

Sends each recipient an individual message, using data from your address 
book or a CSV file.

To use this feature, write a message by choosing: Message – Personalize...   
You can address it to a list, or to individuals in your address book. 
Alternatively, select cards in your address book, then get a context menu 
(for example, by right-clicking a card) and choose: Personalize  

To use addresses from a CSV file, do not specify any addresses in the 

To send the message, press the Personalize button or choose: File – 
Personalize   If the message has no recipients, then MailTweak prompts you 
to choose a CSV file that specifies the recipients. 

MailTweak creates an individual copy of the message for each recipient, 
regardless of whether the recipient was originally specified using To:, Cc: 
or Bcc:. The messages are placed in your Unsent folder, so if you wish you 
can review them before sending them. 

To include data from your address book or CSV file, specify fields in your 
message. For example, if you specify %%firstName%% then the actual message 
sent will have the recipient's first name in that position in the message. 
*** you can use csv column as special fields

In each record of a CSV file, the first field that contains an @ sign is 
taken to be the e-mail address. Alternatively, set the preference to the name of the field that contains 
the e-mail address, changing spaces in the name to underscores. 
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