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Thu Sep 8 08:30:31 UTC 2011


sorry mike don't really want to start a discussion on your blog :-)
so I'd like to highlight two sentences in the user case section
(sections number 2)

> We're targeting users of Thunderbird who make use of the current
> address book. 
So I'de be happy to use the address book more, the reason I'm not is
simply because any data that I enter into the address book is kept
captive there so to say. Getting the data out and synched to other
places where I would need it (ie my phone and my webmails) is a pain.

The only use I currently have for the address book are :
    Autocomplete with contacts I have emailed in the past
    LDAP usage so I can find contacts in the company I work for

> It should not change the experience for users who do not use the
> address book
I disagree , it should be made attractive for me to start using it.


Thunderbird QA                            

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