Modern Address Book mock-ups...

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri Oct 28 13:58:53 UTC 2011

On 28.10.2011 15:48, Mike Conley wrote:
> Customers
> Customers/Google
> Customers/Siemens
> Foo
> Foo/Work
> Foo/Work/TomTom
> Mozilla
> Private
> Private/Auswaertiges Amt
> Private/Sixt

That's going to be a real pain, if I want to reorganize.

Also, as I said, the "Private" is buried in dozens of other things. The 
"Private" group is what I need the most, very often, and that needs to 
be fast. I guess a "favorite" tag (on my AB front page) would solve 
that, but all of these are band-aids.

None of that can be nicely visualized or browsed.

Well, let's construct one house after the other. We can still add the 
hierarchical groups later.


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