Address book sync

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri Oct 28 00:43:16 UTC 2011

On 27.10.2011 21:42, Archaeopteryx wrote:
> MyPhoneExplorer supports sync with Android: 
> This is one of the guys you should ask for feedback about the new 
> addressbook, especially about storage and APIs.
> For more sync stakeholders, follow the links on this page of the 
> inofficial German Thunderbird wiki: 

This links to
which has a Funambol extension for Thunderbird 7.x for Linux 64bit.

And it's working! Thank you! :-)

All: This is a great way to sync TB with phones: TB with Funambol ext 
<-SyncML via http-> Funambol server <-SyncML via http-> Phone with 
SyncML or with Funambol app
Only downside is that setting up the Funambol server is difficult, if 
you want to keep your contacts and calendar private. Thus, it would be 
great if that was included in TB.


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