Modern Address Book mock-ups...

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Oct 27 15:37:36 UTC 2011

On 27.10.2011 17:23, Mike Conley wrote:
> > - Can you make first and last name 2 separate columns?
> Interesting idea - I'll give it a shot for my next design iteration.


> I agree that being able to link contacts with some kind of 
> relationship would be useful.  Thanks! 


> > - I need to keep separate areas in the address book, for private, work,
> > mozilla, and other hobbies / contexts.
> So that's where Contact Groups comes in.

I couldn't see them in your mockups, though. I need these groups mostly 
separate, I do not want to see work and private people mixed (e.g. in 
the list on the left), unless I explicitly request it.

> I don't believe we'll support actual nesting of these groups - though 
> it's simple enough to nest them yourself with the group names:

This is critical for me, though. I have e.g. work, and then Customer A, 
B, C. I easily have dozens of customers, and as I said above, I want to 
separate work and private, but I want the ability to see all work 
contacts (and only work contacts) at once. Your proposal wouldn't allow 

(I use "work" and "private" as examples here. In reality, I have an AB 
"Mozilla", one for private, one for work, and another one for a certain 
private activity where I know many people and need to keep track of them.)

Hierarchical groups are a must-have for me. Flat tags don't cut it.

(Right now, I emulate it by using separate address books, and then abuse 
the AIM (!) field as second hierarchy level, because that's the only one 
appearing in the list overview of the current implementation. Hacky!)


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