Modern Address Book mock-ups...

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Oct 27 12:56:43 UTC 2011

On 26.10.2011 19:47, Mike Conley wrote:
> All:
> Just a heads up - I've been pumping out UI mock-ups for the address 
> book work I'm doing, and I'd love to hear your thoughts:

In general, looks good.

+ It's good that you don't use the "business card" layout. That would be 
very impractical when having many contacts
+ It's great that I can add arbitrary field groups and fields, and that 
there are preselections, which I can edit. I often need custom fields, 
where I record data that many contacts have, but there's no standard 
field for it. Your UI design for that looks great.
? As pointed out in the "multiple phone numbers" bug, we need both 
predefined fields like "work mobile", and freeform fields like "Vacation 
house in Sweden". The predefined fields are not just strings, but have a 
meaning for the computer, and will be used for the corresponding 
standard fields when exporting to VCard, syncing to Android or similar. 
Esp. for phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses, because 
they are often standardized.

- Can you make first and last name 2 separate columns? That way, I can 
look via either last or first name. Some people I know mostly by first 
name, some mostly by last name (culture in France, Germany), and if the 
first names are lined up vertically, I can more easily skim them

- I need to keep separate areas in the address book, for private, work, 
mozilla, and other hobbies / contexts.
- In some cases, within the area, they are further separated, e.g. 
departments, tags or similar, and I need to select that when looking for 
a person. E.g. I need a way to see other columns in the overview. For 
example company, group, or any other field I select. Alternatively, I 
could have hierarchical groups and drill down by mouse.

- I don't really understand the UI design with the multiple data 
sources, per field.

? Suggestion: Can we link 2 Contacts? I often have both wife and husband 
separately in my AB, because they have different email addresses and 
mobile phones, but they share the fixed line phone number, street 
address etc. I don't want to duplicate this. Also, when I can't reach 
the husband, I often try the wife (e.g. dad doesn't answer, so call 
mom). We need a solution for this. A link could solve that cheaply. It 
would also help me remember the name of the spouse, if I forgot.

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