Extra Folder Columns and featurectomies

Jim squibblyflabbetydoo at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 18:02:02 UTC 2011

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 12:46 PM, Mark Banner <mbanner at mozilla.com> wrote:
> Actually, since TB 5 users don't need two applications. They can use the Get
> Add-ons section of the add-on manager, which is a far better layout and
> provides more than before, but there's also the "Browse all add-ons" link
> from that page that will open a content tab within Thunderbird and users can
> now install direct from there.

Speaking of which, we could probably take advantage of the "Get
Add-ons" tab a little more, e.g. by adding more things to the
"Thunderbird Collection" box.

- Jim

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