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Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at mozilla.com
Wed Oct 5 08:55:25 UTC 2011

On 05/10/11 10:50, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
> Hi,
> I've noticed some interesting patterns in the vast amount of feedback
> I'm getting through Conversation's feedback mechanism, and I thought
> I'd share some points.
> First of all, many users are completely unaware of the threaded mode,
> and think that Conversations provides the threaded mode. This is a
> very recurring phenomenon, which worries me. We have a threaded mode,
> it's great already without conversations, and people do not discover
> it. Is there any way we could make this feature more discoverable?
> Some ideas:
> - in the start page, add a "did you know" section with screenshots on
> how to enable various features (threaded mode, grouped by date) (that
> sounds very 1990-y, and reminds me of the light bulb pop-out dialog on
> MS products),
> - create a dialog that pops out the first time a user installs
> thunderbird, asking "how would you like to read your email?", showing
> various screenshots, and providing options for group by sort, view
> threaded, etc.,
> - add a notification bar that shows up after the user has started
> thunderbird for the N-th time, and provides them with a way to see the
> aforementioned dialog.
> What do you all think about this?
Making the Threaded view the default view might help too.
> Next, users seem to be unclear on what an addon is exactly. They just
> installed the thing somehow, and some of them don't even know how to
> remove it. Not sure there's much we can do about that...
What would be interesting is to find out how they ended up installing it.

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