Feature discoverability

Jonathan Protzenko jonathan.protzenko at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 08:50:31 UTC 2011


I've noticed some interesting patterns in the vast amount of feedback 
I'm getting through Conversation's feedback mechanism, and I thought I'd 
share some points.

First of all, many users are completely unaware of the threaded mode, 
and think that Conversations provides the threaded mode. This is a very 
recurring phenomenon, which worries me. We have a threaded mode, it's 
great already without conversations, and people do not discover it. Is 
there any way we could make this feature more discoverable? Some ideas:
- in the start page, add a "did you know" section with screenshots on 
how to enable various features (threaded mode, grouped by date) (that 
sounds very 1990-y, and reminds me of the light bulb pop-out dialog on 
MS products),
- create a dialog that pops out the first time a user installs 
thunderbird, asking "how would you like to read your email?", showing 
various screenshots, and providing options for group by sort, view 
threaded, etc.,
- add a notification bar that shows up after the user has started 
thunderbird for the N-th time, and provides them with a way to see the 
aforementioned dialog.

What do you all think about this?

Next, users seem to be unclear on what an addon is exactly. They just 
installed the thing somehow, and some of them don't even know how to 
remove it. Not sure there's much we can do about that...

There's some other points, but more minor. I'll report on them if 
anything relevant stands out.

Thanks for your attention :-)


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