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Mark Banner mbanner at mozilla.com
Mon Oct 3 21:11:30 UTC 2011

With the increasing number of feature improvements that we are working 
on for Thunderbird, we've decided to adopt a similar process to Firefox 
of tracking ongoing feature work to help us drive them forward.

The feature pages are intended for us to be a lightweight system for 
listing, prioritizing, defining and tracking new features towards 
completion. At this early stage, we're still working out the system and 
the exact processes/fields we want to use for Thunderbird.

For background information on the system, see this page: 

The process we're going to use is loosely based on 

The product team (aka council) will consist of the engineering manager, 
plus leads from the following areas: UX, development, architecture and 
marketing. We may call on advice from others as well.

The rolls of the product team vary according to the state the feature is 
in. At the initial stage, the team decides whether or not to accept the 
feature in Thunderbird, at the later stages the team ensures that the 
feature is progressing, and may review inclusion based on further 
investigations, and finally that the feature is completed with all the 
necessary reviews.

Here's where the tracking pages are, followed by some notes about how 
things are different:

  * Overview page for Thunderbird:

This is a basic overview with what is being worked on, drafted, has been 
completed or has been shelved.

  * Feature Inbox for Thunderbird:

The product team will be looking at this regularly. In fact we'll be 
looking at it tomorrow at 9am PDT. Details to follow.

  * Release tracking for Thunderbird:

This is what is currently targeted for a specific release, as always, it 
is just the plan and may change.

As you'll see, some of the feature pages we've already been mentioning 
are there, plus pages for some of the features we're currently working 
on. We've not filled out full details for the in-work features - we're 
using the pages to track the final bits of work and make sure everything 
gets covered.

As always, comments and thoughts welcome.


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