Uploading files to the cloud and Security

Justin Wood (Callek) callek at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 00:54:03 UTC 2011

Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 24/11/11 20:30, Kai Engert wrote:
>> Here is a proposal how it might work. On sending:
>> - TB automatically creates a random symmetric key
>> - TB encrypts the file using the key
>> - TB uploads encrypted file
>> - TB sends email that contains both an URL and the key required for
>> decryption
>> This would retain the current point-to-point semantic of email, and the
>> current level of security.
> I think this is a great improvement. However, the problem with such a 
> service is the combination of legacy clients (which don't 
> auto-download the file and "re-attach" it to the mail) and the 
> possible desire of the server operator to not store people's large 
> attachments for ever. There is therefore a risk of data loss.
> You could get around that by never deleting people's data, but that 
> would end up being expensive...
Another option here would be a way to have the server specify expiry of 
the data, and let the sending client choose here.

Such that (a) some users could choose to pay for larger storage
(b) use their own server if they wanted to.

But for our cloud server we could do something like
( ) Keep file available for 1 month [max size = 2 GB]
(*) Keep file available for 3 months [max size = 1 GB]
( ) Keep file available for 1 year [max size = 250 MB]
(#) [[[disabled]]] Keep file available for 10 years [max size per file 
250 MB] [Remaining Space: 5GB] [[[/disabled]]] [a href="..."]Activate 
with payment, option valid for 1 year[/a]

Or some such. (Values listed only for example, and if this is wanted is 
a different data/discussion point)

~Justin Wood (Callek)

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