Version number changes for Thunderbird

Karsten Düsterloh mnyromyr at
Tue May 31 06:22:17 UTC 2011

Roland MoCo Tanglao wrote:
> Normal Thunderbird users who are non technical are totally confused by 
> the difference in version numbers between Thunderbird and Firefox AND 
> often can't tell whether they are running Thunderbird or Firefox.

That's a joke, I hope?

> Therefore from a support point of view, aligning thunderbird and firefox 
> version numbers and releases is a good thing because it will lead to 
> less user confusion.

If you can't differ between two programs with *different* version
numbers, you take away the version number to make it easier to
differentiate?! Huh? Reality check, please?

If you're serious, you should tie program version numbers to OS version
numbers, since those particular users won't understand the difference

Sorry for sounding sarcastic,


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