Version number changes for Thunderbird

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu May 26 18:06:50 UTC 2011

Following several discussions, the Thunderbird drivers have decided to 
adopt the same version numbering scheme that Firefox has adopted 
following the transition to the rapid release process. This also means 
that Thundebird will match its version numbers with the gecko version 

Whilst we could have kept the same numbering system, or adopted a 
different one, we felt that matching Firefox would make it clearer for 
developers as to which version of Thunderbird was based on which 
gecko/Firefox version.

We'll also be de-emphasising the version numbers in our releases, it is 
much more important that users keep up to date with the latest security 
and stability fixes, and of course latest improvements, than being 
concerned that a jump from one number to the next is a big jump.

Therefore, we will be renumbering the current work in progress releases 
as follows:

  * Thunderbird 3.3 (aka Miramar) will become Thunderbird 5.0 (based on
    gecko 5.0).
  * The builds which will be produced from comm-aurora (where we merged
    to last Tuesday), will become Thunderbird 6.0.
  * The builds from comm-central which are currently numbered 3.4a1pre
    will become Thunderbird 7.0.

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