statusbar usage in the main UI

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Thu May 19 21:48:09 UTC 2011

On 2011-05-19 12:28 PM, neandr wrote:
> Maybe there are other, better contributions for "some vertical space"?!
> A much more efficient approach would be to change / modernize the whole
> "main UI" concept.

I agree wholeheartedly...

I use 3 extensions in Firefox to reduce the UI to - basically NOTHING.

1. TreestyleTab puts the tabs on the left, and I enable its
autohide/show feature,

2. Movable Firefox Button collapses the larger Firefox 'menu' into a
smaller button and lets me put it on the Menubar, and finally,

I put everything, all buttons, the location bar, everything, on the
Menubar and the

3. Personal Titlebar extension automatically places everything that is
on the Menubar, into the Window Titlebar.

I would dearly love to be able to do the same thing in Thunderbird. I
have it *almost* there, but not quite...

I use 2 extensions to accomplish almost the same thing...

First, like Firefox, I put everything on the Menubar, then I use the

1. HideMenuBar extension to autohide/show the Menubar when I mouseover
the Window Titlebar (I used to use the same thing in Firefox, until the
same extension author developed the Personal Titlebar extension for
Firefox. According to him, once Thunderbird switches to the latest
version of Gecko, he'll be able to support Thunderbird with his Personal
Titlebar extension too), and then I use the

2. Mailtweak extension to autohide/show both the Folderpane, and the
mail Header pane.

I have a short .swf video I made with WINK of both of these in action if
anyone would care to see it:

Sadly, the Mailtweak extension author appears to have abandoned it -
sadly, because it has some incredibly useful tweaks in it - a LOT of them.

This would be perfect if TB had the 'TB button' and could use the
Movable Button & Personal Titlebar extensions, and if the Mailtweaks'
auto-hide/show the Folder and Header Panes used Panels (so it didn't
shove the window content around), but apparently that requires the new
version of Gecko too...

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