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Bryant susurrus at
Thu May 19 17:19:09 UTC 2011

Another option for more vertical space is to follow the App-button model 
of FF4.0 (I don't know the official name)? Done right this could 
possibly merge the title bar, menu, and main buttons. The tabs could 
also be moved to the top like FF4.0 when maximized (I think that's the 
only time the tabs are moved into the title bar).

While definitely more work, I would think this would be a better 
first-run at providing more vertical space.


On 5/19/2011 9:28 AM, neandr wrote:
> A "not a good idea" from the extension arena!
> Such a move would be the same as with Firefox.
> A lot of extensions make a lot & important use of the statusbar.
> See: Adblock, Fire/Chromebug, Locale Switcher, ReminderFox and many 
> more. Pl. see the FX community comments.
> Finally FX has the "Add-on Bar" .. basically the statusbar which is 
> switch off by default. With ReminderFox we had -- and have !! -- big 
> problems with our users to explain the new behavior. And the result: 
> the statusbar/add-on bar is switch on to have the full feature set 
> back ..
> And the statusbar has also important use for Thunderbird: see other 
> answers to this thread.
> Maybe there are other, better contributions for "some vertical space"?!
> A much more efficient approach would be to change / modernize the 
> whole "main UI" concept.
> Today from the UI top down to the first message line in the 
> threadPaneContext we have the UI title and 5 (!) menu bars (main, 
> tool, tabs, the folder header & filter menu bar (if switched on), 
> threadPaneContext header line). To redesign this could bring much more 
> vertical space compared to the little statusbar height.
> An idea for that: see
> And TB/FX/Gecko has good tools for that: panels.
> Günter
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