statusbar usage in the main UI

neandr neandr at
Thu May 19 16:28:35 UTC 2011

A "not a good idea" from the extension arena!
Such a move would be the same as with Firefox.

A lot of extensions make a lot & important use of the statusbar.
See: Adblock, Fire/Chromebug, Locale Switcher, ReminderFox and many 
more. Pl. see the FX community comments.
Finally FX has the "Add-on Bar" .. basically the statusbar which is 
switch off by default. With ReminderFox we had -- and have !! -- big 
problems with our users to explain the new behavior. And the result: the 
statusbar/add-on bar is switch on to have the full feature set back ..

And the statusbar has also important use for Thunderbird: see other 
answers to this thread.

Maybe there are other, better contributions for "some vertical space"?!
A much more efficient approach would be to change / modernize the whole 
"main UI" concept.
Today from the UI top down to the first message line in the 
threadPaneContext we have the UI title and 5 (!) menu bars (main, tool, 
tabs, the folder header & filter menu bar (if switched on), 
threadPaneContext header line). To redesign this could bring much more 
vertical space compared to the little statusbar height.

An idea for that: see
And TB/FX/Gecko has good tools for that: panels.


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