New Account Types directions - should SkinkGlue be core?

JoeS joesab2005 at
Fri May 13 00:06:01 UTC 2011

On 5/12/2011 5:56 PM, Joshua Cranmer wrote:
> I think the real fear here is that mailnews would be left with yet
> another "not really used, mostly unmaintained component that we are
> still obligated to fix anytime something breaks" (think about the old
> palmsync code, or even (arguably) movemail).

You mean like the HTML editor, or CSS composition support, or LibeMime. 
:) (We really need a managerial directive here.)
The above are all neglected areas of development IMO so adding another 
that actually brings TB into the sphere of how folks actually 
communicate in the real world might not be a bad thing to do. Innovation 
is never a bad thing to try, failing to support the idea is really 

> The other fault that I can
> see is the fact that the userbase of Thunderbird is largely a
> conservative bunch that react very noisily to ambitious changes.

Then they should just "get out of the way"
Adding a Twitter feature does not mean that every TB user _must_ use 
that feature. You might be surprised though if TB users wouldn't be more 
likely to Twitter with TB than to use a browser.

I don't know much about Microsoft exchange, but wouldn't it be possible 
to include a bare-bones model in core, then offer the full-featured 
implementation as your monetized offering.

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