statusbar usage in the main UI

Bryan Clark clarkbw at
Tue May 17 21:19:19 UTC 2011

On 11-05-17 4:15 PM, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> Hi!
> Blake and me recently had a conversation on how we could save some 
> vertical space in the main ui. One low hanging fruit we identified was 
> the statusbar. In Firefox 4.0 it's hidden by default, and it might be 
> a good idea to do that in Thunderbird too.
> The current usage of the statusbar we identified in the 3 pane view is:
> * Online/Offline status and trigger
> * Unread / Total / Selected counter
> * Status messages (downloading messages etc.) + progressbar
> * Various Addons icons
I think you also want to include:

* Link location (on hover - same as Firefox)

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